Red Gravel

Red Gravel and chippings

The red aggregate or red gravel is one of the most used decorative gravel in gardening and landscaping projects.

It is a noble stone, a red marble, with a very homogeneous red appearance in general, and with white streaks. This intense red rock is usually used in projects where the decorative stone has an important place.

the Red Gravel contrasts very well with other decorative gravels such as pure white or our black Igea aggretates.

Red Gravel


This gravel is available in the following sizes:

  • 1-3 mm
  • 3-6 mm
  • 6-12 mm
  • 12-20 mm
  • 20-30 mm
  • 30-60 mm

Unit of sale

It can be served in bulk, in bulk bag or in 20 kg mesh-bag.

Our gravel can also be washed and dried to be mixed with resin.



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