White gravel

White gravel and chippings

Our White Gravel is the whitest on the market, we also call it Pure White Crushed Stone. It is The Gravel par excellence, perhaps the best selling decorative garden stone in the world.

Our white gravel, of an intense white and with small brightness glints, is unmistakable. It is widely used for garden decoration, patios and lanscaping design in general.

Due to its high degree of whiteness it is usually placed in patios, since it brings light to the place.

We can also highlight its reflective quality. Since it reflects light, it does not accumulate heat and this is the reason why it is a highly valued product in the roof constructions, in the southern countries

Granulometry – Pure White gravel

Our white crushed stone is available in the following granulometry or size range: 1-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-20, 20-40 and 40-60 mm.

And 2 special sizes for gabions: 60-100 and 100-150 mm.

Unit of sale – Pure White gravel

Our White gravel can be delivered in bulk, in 1,000 kg big bag or in 20 kg bag

In 20 kg bags, 60-100 mm max.

To calculate the required quantity of white gravel you will need for your project, you should measure the space to be covered (in m2), for example 50 m2, and multiply it by the desired stone thickness or height, for example 10 cm.

50 m2 multiplied by 10 cm. equals 5 m3. Since, for each m3 you need 1,600 kg. you would then need 8 tons.

We advise you to use a good anti-weed mesh to keep the grass from growing, but also to avoid moisture.

An excess or a continuous humidity causes in this stone a momentary change of colour, the stone looks more yellowish. But this effect disappears completely when the stone is completely dry, and it then goes back to its intense white colour.

More photos available on Google Plus, grava blanca.

White Gravel