Black gravel

Black Gravel and chippings

One of our Best sellers! The Black Gravel is of an intense dark colour and when the stone is wet, its colour is pure black.

Our black gravel for garden is a limestone of basaltic origin.

As it is a natural stone, it can also hold a low percentage of brown yellowish tone.

It is a stone which is usually used for its intense black colour, to make precast concrete. It is used to make stone walls but also terrazzo for interior or exterior applications. In this sector, it is a high valued crushed stone because it can be easily polished and its final aspect is shinny and its hardness makes it last longer


We have a wide range of granulometries available:

1-3, 3-5, 5-8, 8-14, 11-22, 22-40 and 40-100 mm.

It is also available in a black rock format of 150-300 mm, this stone, well worked out, can be used as a masonry block.

Our range also holds black sand, used by precast concrete specialists, in granulometry 0-1 mm and 0-4 mm.

Other sizes are especially made for gabions, feel free to contact us and check photos of our black stone in gabiones on Google Plus Canteras el Cerro.

Unit of sale

In bulk, 1000 kg bulk bag or 20 kg mesh bag

Black gravel