Chamota (crushed brick)

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Eco-decor is a new way of decorating, The main way is be  respectful with the planet and therefore recycle the maximum possible and using more natural elements.

VELESTONE Chamota (crushed brick) offers a material 100% recycled, a decorative arid designed for those who believe in a sustainable way of life and at the same time appreciate design and style. This is a totally recycled and sustainable value product in the future of architecture and construction trend.

The organic decoration is not new, but today more than ever we must all take action to help conserve the environment. Between the advantages to use chamota in your  garden is a high  maintenance  of moisture and this we helps to save water and  with maintenance of trees and plants as well.

The 3R´s rule.

Reduce Reuse and Recycle, thus minimizing waste, getting the construction waste It have a second use.


In 2010 we initiated a plan to enhance and advance in Resposabilidad Social Empresaria where sat a solid foundation to grow with a new business model, able to support the maximization of benefits with the implementation of social and environment practices. so CHAMOTTE was brow, 100% recycled and sustainable city environment.

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