Crushed brick (Chamota) available sizes.

Crushed brick (Chamota) available sizes.

Canteras el Cerro has available some differents Crushed brick sizes. The finest chamota size is 0-3 mm. the medium size is 3-6mm. and the biggest size is 6-14mm.

We also have Clay 0-1 mm size. Crushed brick (Chamota) is treated in our modern facilities crushing, washing and rated. The grancilla (Crushed rock), both in the intermediate stages of treatment and after obtaining the final crushed size.Is manipulated so that retains its physical properties at each part of the process.  The chamota is transported later and stored so that the segregation and contamination is avoided, maintaining the characteristics of each fraction before application unchanged.

Chamota ( Crushed brick) of 0-3mm. finest size.

In addition to the measures mentioned above exists the possibility of custom sizes for large orders of material. We serve Chamota(Crushed brick) in bulk or big bags of 0.8 m3 ( about 800kg), if interested we can arrange the shipping for small orders or complete trucks, including crane truck  if necessary. We have four colors of clay, red (orange), white, gray and tricolor.

Chamota (Crushed brick) de 3-6 mm.

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