What do we have for you?



Increase your sales and profit margins, dominate your market.

Companies that do the same as their competitors will always achieve the same. But how do you avoid competition in a world where everything is known, everything is imitated and everything is replicated in an improved way in a matter of seconds? The secret is to offer different and better products. It's all about getting small monopolies, which is why we offer you 45 exclusive products, the standard products like the white pebble up to 20% rounder, washed and sorted with state-of-the-art machinery.

Differentiate yourself, lead your market or field of action, always look for the difference with respect to the others.

Quality products that exceed the expectations of the end customer.

In any business everything is based on having products that the final customer wants, having certain advantages over the competition and doing it better. There is no point in receiving thousands of customers and having the lowest prices if the customer does not want to buy your products or even worse, they are sold but you do not earn enough margin.

This has always been the case, but even more so in 2021, we are 5 seconds away from any information, if you do not offer the best, if you do not surprise your customers, you are just one more and being one more it is complicated to sell and get enough profit.


We are Canteras el Cerro, manufacturers of decorative stone in the north of Spain, we help our clients to differentiate themselves.


Through our products we help businesses that want to grow and lead their markets to increase their sales and profit margins, in short to differentiate themselves from their competition.

We firmly believe that offering better and different products is the only way to continue growing.


We are a family business, our relationship with the client is close, committed, ethical, agile and flexible, you will always talk to the same person, we are independent, our vision is set on the long term and on our clients.

We have a desire to improve and the capacity to progress in order to continue helping our clients to lead their markets.


We are convinced of the importance of co-creation with the client, a good example is our Mixcolor Range or part of our prefabricated garden slabs.

Co-creation results in products and services that are better adapted to the customer, reducing risks and achieving competitive advantages.

How and when has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Offering quality products in the right place at the right time and minimising problems or incidents increases your customers' loyalty.

We have reduced our preparation and delivery times by 50% in the last 3 years, we have increased our stock capacity to be able to prepare your orders in less than 24 hours, our loading and unloading schedule is 16 hours a day to reduce delivery times as much as possible.

Our percentage of incidents per ton sold has dropped to 0.04%.




  • 30 different pebbles, 21 of which are exclusive to Canteras el Cerro, not counting the Mixcolor and Recycla ranges.
  • Mixcolor range, mixing service of different pebbles which are new, exclusive and different products (possibility of making mixtures at the request of the client).
  • Recycla range. Pebbles from rubble from different industries such as precast concrete, brick manufacturers and stone quarries for paving and cladding.
  • Stock guaranteed for top sales and production in 96 hours of any product and size.


  • 36 different decorative gravels, 12 of which are exclusive to Canteras el Cerro, not including the Mixcolor range.
  • Mixcolor range, service of mixing different gravels which results in new, exclusive and different products such as our Top Sales Hawaii (possibility of making mixtures at the request of the client)
  • Gravel washing and drying service


  • Standard range of grindings and pebbles.


  • Washed and dried with new machinery.
  • 20% rounder pebbles
  • 6 exclusive products from Canteras el cerro, not including the Mixcolor Range
  • Mixcolor range of different stones that produce an infinite number of new and different products.


  • VETONEK. Original slabs, different and exclusive for our customers.
  • VETONEK. Ultra-resistant, ultra-design porcelain stoneware tiles.
  • VETONEK BETON. Different concrete slabs, different textures, finishes, large sizes, different shapes to differentiate you from the competition.
  • Spanish slate slabs and Portuguese slate slabs.
  • Opus incertum of slate and other types of natural stone, classic and economic.



​Complete range of rocks and pebbles with perfect granulometry.


Products obtained from stone rubble or prefabricated concrete, result in unique products, different, original and reduce pollution, are more sustainable and creative, is the future.


Aggregate separators, weed control nets, gravel stabilisers and much more, guaranteed quality at minimum prices.


  • Guaranteed stock for top sales and production in 96 hours of any product and size.
  • Controlled big bag stocking system, we fill at the right time so that they do not age before they reach the customer.
  • Available in bulk, big bags of 1,000, 500 and 250 kg.  Plastic or mesh bags of 20 kg. and 6 and 12 kg. containers.
  • Unique big bags, they take up less space, are more resistant, cover safety handle, are more slender and easy to handle, we can fill the big bag with the customer's brand.